My Poetry To Peruse:

A song/poem: So you love me

So you love me
cosi tu amare mi
So I love you
So you love me
yeah but I can't be around
no you cannot be found here
so you want my sweet company
but you won't come for me
oh if I could comfort you

View of beach all long drawn out
I wish I could reach
be the wind toss your shawl
Burnt sienna cloud thin
color happy last a while
over that all draped
over shoulder shaped bare
Mix of sun and kiss and play,
feet they turn for knees give way
day last make us fall and laugh
some bliss so i miss all that we had

how is it all I have now
is a song to sing
being sung while I'm still young
could it bring back your form
tall slender scene stilled in my mind
sunset worn by wind-sound blown
back to focus in every place around
Then dusk of morn we stand and
together breathe your hand on my chest
pressed close to yours also

hear speak in my ear volume bleed
word to be closer need
so i love you near close by
hold a side of you to myself
what the hell can't do that now
you can't be found
except from far and away
talk long chat in sunshade
that gone so sway to here
so be it though
I laugh in strange ways
now that you remain gone

Cosi io amaro tu
cosi tu amare mi
quando non sono in torno
nonlei esseri qui
tu volera campagnia mio
comoda comodi mio
la veduta la spaggia lungo disegno fuori

Elmo is Happy


Poems written to the music of Jaques Brel

as for now we are through
and so free for sure
to enjoy our sorrow
we have a grand voyage
a grand turning
to ourselves

can't talk now sir were through
one more move till tomorrow
till my promise has expired
in the turning of the moon

someday others said
we would return
to the place of chances
but nothing is grand any more

cant talk now
believe it or not i claim you
i claim the grand spire
to you beauty

of the boat man
things are easy enough on saturday
remember go deeper and deeper
the rich they come and slave before me
the madams and the capitans
they are in the mood you understand
they come to me to serve

the riches of benedict
oh pour may in to a heart
a ball of wax my zoo
a meal one
many kinds of animals
more black than colored
the universe is something
its a meal universe
the pear tree the cat or bear
the toothpick to clean
and take a break
this is meal town
i speak quickly
follow me
don't be funny
well a meal is tons of animals
more than you'll ever need
but just enough a
nd the universe is just enough
la la la la ton

whoever said I couldn't weep
i weep with my hair
each day it grows
it ceases to ask what for
but in the bluish flurry it succumbs
and moves and no longer is weeping
no more tears as it has been said through the ages
for all ages are mine
and in the hidden cleverly hidden silence
the waking of my days
tears are forever on the watch
for some flamboyant passing of life
around a subtle passing
where no tears intrude
it seeks to be first
and cast spells of truth and madness and beauty
in tears hiding beside a tap and a flute
a whistle and a cage with a canary
unsinging unsinging

if the luxuries grieves you
ik too much
where are the reels the footage
the ribs that will not sound surreal when pinged at

i am a man
i am vauge
i am ordinary i
touch the curve of marbles
i make lists
i enjoy laughing
i am cliche i am kind
i am unique
i like to travel
and get dressed in strange towns
strange rooms fussing over my clothes
i conceal greed
i feel i love
i luve italy
i love novermber
i shake and eat soot and chant
to be happy for a moment

can't you tease me and love the soft sounds
and save purely save my soul
i was sold
i was left for the sun and the stars
to tear at my flesh
dry my unfortonate soul
to be overseers of a destruction
a freedom based upon my hunch of a soul
a soul that fell and as a mineral is far from home
though yet in tact yet pure
i will not touch the moon
I will leave my guitar to lean
i will leave it be and await