Photos That Stole Peoples Souls Man

More Dumb Stupid Retarded Pictures

Actually I'm not gay but if you are I'm fine with that. No I'm not that fine I mean not in that way. Well yes Im happy but thats not what I meant. Maybe I just need to go to college and learn some more about culture and mixing drinks for frathouse bitches and Rockwellian looney tune dudes who cant help drooling over my presumed inerrancy.

Hey I need a cookie!

"Well do you see a picture cause I dont" picture. )With parenthesis and quotes.) Wow so postmodern dude. Like totaly decontructionist man. Can I go now.

I see a train a comin'

While Frank Sinata Sings Stormy Weather My Unpaid Tickets Get Along Together

What I learned In School: Nazis are Evil. Hitler Is The Devil

You Want A Bite Of My Tenderloin Officer? I Swear I Cooked It Thouroghly